The #1 Reason People Fail on the Keto Diet

Every single day, people who are dieting fail.
One “cheat day” turns into two… four… or six.

They fall off the bandwagon and they can’t seem to get back on.
But when it comes to the  Ketogenic Diet, most people fail for one BIG reason, and that reason is…
Lack of Creativity!
You see, most people aren’t used to eating a lot of fat.
So when you first start the Keto Diet, it feels… weird.
Before you decided to try Keto, maybe you ate from a huge variety of carb-heavy foods like chips, crackers, breads, sweets, even fruits.
Suddenly you flip over to Keto and it feels like your options are limited.

This feeling that you don’t have  any options is mostly rooted in the fact that you haven’t had to eat a lot of fat before… so you don’t have any “go-to” foods or routines built around that.

After a week or two of eating Keto, you might have eaten the same handful of foods every day and are beginning to crave a little variety.

And if you don’t know how to get that variety, there’s a very high chance you’ll go back to the  comfortable eating, outines you left behind… and you’ll ultimately FAIL.

I don’t share this with you to scare you… but rather to make you aware of potential “speed bumps” that just about every single Keto dieter eventually faces.
And because I’ve put together a special “Keep on Keto” package that solves this problem for you…
Never Run Out of Keto Food Options Again!

Having plenty of handy recipes and EASY choices is a  MUST if you want to stay on the Keto diet (so you keep shredding fat).

Is one cookbook enough?
Probably not. It’s a good start, but you really need multiple Keto cookbooks if you want to succeed long-term.
That’s why I’ve put together this limited-time “Keep on Keto” package that is ONLY available on this page for new customers only.
Here’s the deal…
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Cookbook #1: Soups, Salads, Sides and Extras
Value $60
This book is designed to be simple and should give you a solid base of extras, including soups and salads, for almost any meal. At the very least it will give you a great starting point from which to be as creative as you can be with your family meals. 

These recipes were created to add healthy fat to your diet. However, this is YOUR book and YOUR kitchen reference. Feel free to experiment and change ingredients. Just keep your MACROS the same.

The next time you are hungry and feel as though you have nothing to eat, just pull out the book and add whatever you can from your or your friends’ fridge to make that soup just right. We are what we eat.
Value $60
Cookbook #2: Spices and Sauces
Value $60
This cookbook is all about healthy versions of the condiments we all love and it supports The Right Way to do Keto.

It should serve as a guide to make a lot of things you previously bought from the store to now make at home. The advantage is you will know exactly what is in your product and generally you will save money making it yourself. 

Homemade Spice Mixes and Sauces’ recipes will give you the freedom to create delicious dishes with no worry of dangerous hidden ingredients.

The recipes are meant for the home cook. You won’t have to scour across the universe to find ingredients you have never heard of and only find on obscure websites.
Value $60
Cookbook #3: Fish and Seafood
Value $60
Great protein sources and healthy fats abound in this wonderfully creative cookbook. 

Our favorite seafood dishes Keto style.
Some are: Salmon Cream Cheese Cakes, Lemon Ranch Baked Halibut and...
a favorite to many...
Cajun Shrimp and "Grits" (cauliflower rice)
Value $60
Cookbook #4: Beef, Chicken and Pork
Value $60
The heartier side of FatLicious. These recipes are substantial and perfect for family cooking or for just the two of you.

We all have a past of eating unhealthy foods. Full of sugar, flour, grains and highly inflammatory oil. Now, we have a choice because we know the truth about food. And we are spreading the 

We have, and will continue to, work hard to make recipes high-fat, low-carb as well as TASTE GREAT! We have never been accused of having bland food. We use spice, fat and real food to bring together healthy and delicious into one word, FatLicious. 
Value $60
Cookbook #5: Dips, Butters and Desserts
Value $60
This book contains some outstanding compound butters as well as some desserts taken right out of the world class chefs.

At first, it was challenging to make high-fat, low-carb versions of the recipes, but we  managed to make some.

However, you will be amazed at the flavor you get, even without any sugar.

Favorites include: Mama's Egg Custard, Chocolate Heart Fat Bombs and Strawberry Cheesecake Cups...

And here’s the best part… you can get all 5 of these full-color Keto cookbooks when you join the Keto Recipe Club today.

As a member of the Keto Recipe Club, you’ll also get present and future Keto cookbooks for FREE

And we publish at least 3 new cookbooks per quarter.
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Bonus #1: Eating Out on FatLicious
Value $27
Although making food at home is the only sure-fire way to insure what is actually in your food, there are some steps to take in order to enjoy a night eating out. 

This book covers some tricks and hacks when going out to eat.

Also, what to order when out and what to avoid.
Value $27
Bonus #2: Cravings Guide Cheat Sheet
Value $27
Cravings Guide Ever wonder WHY you have a certain craving? What your body needs to get rid of that craving?? 

This printable guide is awesome. It lists your craving, what you are deficient in based on your craving and what FatLicious Food to eat to curb your craving. This is a printable guide to keep on your fridge.
Value $27
Bonus #3: Food Triggers that Burn or Store Fat
Value $27
What are TRIGGER FOODS that STORE FAT and that BURN FAT?

This guide will list foods that surprise you.

A perfect bonus to help complete your Cheat Sheet Collection.
Why Am I Doing This?

It’s simple. I’m tired of seeing people fail and I want to make sure you don’t become a statistic. I want you to SUCCEED on the Keto diet so you too can burn fat, slim down fast, and start feeling good about yourself.

These recipe books have been a huge lifesaver for me, and I know they will be a valuable resource for you too. :-)

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